mechanical engineering

Equipment Manufacturing to Precise Specifications and Standards

Although the advent of mechanical engineering can be traced to the industrial revolution in Europe in the 18th century, the introduction and proliferation of multiple-axis machining and CAD/CAM software technologies have truly accelerated its evolution in recent years.

mechanical engineering component

The incorporation of these technologies has, within its own right, revolutionized the design and manufacturing processes in such sectors as:

  • Aircraft
  • Industrial equipment
  • Watercraft/land craft
  • Transportation systems
  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Medical devices/equipment

Through our relentless commitment to investing in state-of-the-art technologies, including 5-axis simultaneous CNC machines and the latest in CAD/CAM software, in conjunction with the expertise of our designers, CNC programmers, and assemblers, Noble Precision has the technical capabilities to manufacture equipment/machinery to precise specifications and to the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Diverse Equipment Manufacturing Capabilities Driven by Leading-Edge Technology

The leading-edge technology of our 5-axis simultaneous CNC machines will enhance the equipment manufacturing process in several ways:

  • Single set-ups
  • Faster cycle times
  • Exceptional tolerances
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Condensed production times
  • Synchronization of multiple tools

Consequently, Noble Precision can house/support the production of intricate and large-scale equipment/machinery across a broad range of client needs and design specifications. A sampling of the diverse equipment manufacturing projects completed by Noble Precision would consist of the following:

  • Packaging machines
  • Large-format printers
  • Rock-crushing equipment
  • Front-loaders and excavators
  • Robotics/automated machinery

To further discuss our scope of capabilities in relation to mechanical engineering, call Noble Precision today at 416-938-6455 or contact us to arrange a meeting/consultation on your specific equipment manufacturing requirements.