A Comparison of the Hot-Chamber and Cold-Chamber Processes

Examining the Differences Between Hot-Chamber and Cold-Chamber Die Casting What is Die Casting? In the most basic terms, die casting is the process that involves the use of high pressure to force molten metal into a mold cavity to produce metal parts; these mold cavities are made of two hardened tool steel dies that are … Read More

Rapid Prototyping and Its Importance in Precision Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping and Its Advantages in Product Development and Manufacturing By definition, rapid prototyping is the production of a scale model (prototype) of a physical part or product using multi-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) software.  The actual construction of that part or product is done via 3D-printing or additive layer manufacturing technology; and in fact, the … Read More

An In-Depth Look at 5-Axis CNC Machining and Its Advantages

Cutting-Edge Technology: 5-Axis Simultaneous CNC Machining and Its Advantages Within the metal machining industry, the processes of metal removal and parts fabrication were once quite laborious; manually-operated equipment and multiple adjustments/set-ups were prevailing aspects in all production runs, resulting in time-consuming jobs and outputs that were less-than-precise on a repeatable basis. However, there have been … Read More

The Accuracy and Advantages of 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

Blow Molding Requires Precision Molds to Assure the Highest Standards of Quality When performing some type of do-it-yourself home renovation project, many people have undoubtedly been frustrated by an inability to cut or shape their construction materials with a sufficient degree of accuracy; crown molding that does not meet precisely at a 90O angle, floor … Read More

Types of Stamping Dies and Their Uses

Using the right equipment is a critical aspect of creating effective and efficient metal fabrication assemblies. When you need to transform metal sheets into specific shapes, your production line may rely on stamping dies to do the job. These are precision tools used for cutting and forming sheet metal. They come in a few varieties, … Read More

Types of Plastic Blow and Injection Molding

One of the top strategies for cost-efficiency in manufacturing is to create a usable mold. A quality template should yield many parts or components in the production process. Noble Precision implements a variety of processes to create these template products. Two of the most commonly used techniques are plastic blow molding and injection molding. These … Read More

Blow Molding

Blow Molding Requires Precision Molds to Assure the Highest Standards of Quality In the most basic of terms, blow molding is a process used in the manufacturing of hollow plastic parts.  This production method is a successor, in a manner of speaking, to the art of glassblowing, and it has permitted the replacement of heavier … Read More

Importance of Research Skills for Engineering Students

Engineer research is critical to an organization’s productivity and competitiveness. From wireless communications to robotics, biomedical engineering and sustainable energy, it helps fill gaps in knowledge and develop new products while improving organizational efficiency and growth. Recognizing that research boosts their competitive edge, successful companies invest billions of dollars in R&D efforts. Current and prospective … Read More

The Art of Developing a Prototype

From intricate components to large complex machines, creating a prototype helps test your idea’s real-world functionality. Doing this will not only proof your concepts but also ensure that your money is well invested. Our rapid prototyping OCAD experts offer a few useful tips on how to efficiently develop your idea and bring it quickly to … Read More

Waterjet Cutting: How Can Water Cut Through Steel?

You might not see a powerful force when you watch a stream of water pour through your faucet, but water under the right amount of pressure can cut through even the hardest materials; including steel. Industrial waterjet cutting services, like those offered by Noble Precision, use specialized tools that can cut through machine components using … Read More