Rubber Mold Making

Precision Mold-Making to Augment Your Manufacturing Efficiencies

It is well-accepted in manufacturing that investing in some form of template, or mold, is a critical element in the repeated production of parts or components. Particularly in relation to cost-efficiency. In the simplest of terms, after the initial capital investment, the mold can essentially be used on a recurring basis for the express purpose of revenue generation. However, if the mold is generally of inferior quality, perhaps due to imperfections in design or a need for recurring maintenance. It can negatively affect cost-efficiency and conceivably revenues as well. To alleviate such potential concerns or issues. Manufacturers who require the design and/or production of any molds can rely on the comprehensive capabilities of Noble Precision. As a result of our significant financial commitment in state-of-the-art technology such as the latest in CAD/CAM software and 5-axis simultaneous CNC machines, Noble Precision can design and/or fabricate the high-precision solutions. For example, the molds, required by clients who apply any of the following in their manufacturing processes:

The precision and accuracy of Noble Precision’s mold-making will lead to the production of high-quality and high-tolerance parts and components. Thereby further augmenting your manufacturing processes from the perspective of overall cost-efficiency.

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Mold-Making to the Standards that Our Clients Demand

Noble Precision offers the capability and the flexibility to create molds for the production of parts/components ranging from commercial products to entire panels for automobile bodies and aircraft fuselage. In addition, our teams can fashion molds to meet production stipulations for specific types of materials. Including but not limited to molten metals, rubber/elastomers, and plastic/thermoplastics.

In order to produce these molds to the standards of precision, quality, and performance demanded by our clients, the Noble Precision designers and programmers pay particular attention to the following parameters, as they pertain to the manufacturing process that will be applied:

  • Type of material to be used
  • Quantity of material per part
  • Production volumes

For more information on our range of capabilities with respect to mold-making, call Noble Precision today at 416-938-6455 or contact us to request a no-obligation consultation on how we can assist with your manufacturing requirements.