Waterjet Cutting: How Can Water Cut Through Steel?

By October 10, 2017Articles

You might not see a powerful force when you watch a stream of water pour through your faucet, but water under the right amount of pressure can cut through even the hardest materials; including steel.

Waterjet Cutting

Industrial waterjet cutting services, like those offered by Noble Precision, use specialized tools that can cut through machine components using a very high-pressure stream of water. These jets do not just cut metal; they can also pierce through marble, granite, stone, wood, stainless steel, and plastic.

The Technology Behind the Abrasive Water Jet – and Why Waterjets Make Sense

Waterjet cutting is used in precision cutting and drilling projects for cutting through a variety of mediums. What makes them unique is their ability to use high-velocity water, precision work, and remain cost-effective.

Today’s waterjets use sophisticated software and fine garnet abrasives to enable better cutting.

Waterjet cutters and abrasive cutters are two different tools, but both are utilized in industrial applications. Abrasive waterjets are used on harder surfaces, while waterjet cutters are used to cut softer mediums.

The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

  • No Heat Zones: Instead of a flame, laser cutting, and plasma, waterjet systems produce no heat. Therefore, you can cut through a variety of materials (including delicate ones) without melting, warping, or distorting them.
  • Extreme Precision: Abrasive waterjets have precision tolerances, and the cutting is controlled by a computer using special software. The parts are designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and uploaded into the waterjet system to control every move.
  • Multiple Edge Qualities: Cut edge qualities vary with waterjet cutting, and you can select the cut edge based on your project’s specifications. These cut edges determine cutting speeds and project completion, but ensure better material separation.
  • Multiple Materials: Waterjet cut machines can handle almost any flat materials, including cork, steel, reflective materials, acrylic, composites, ceramic, rubber, laminate, brass, bronze, and more.
  • Greener Technology: A waterjet cutter does not create hazardous material or chemical waste. With the right setup, a company can promote recycling, and with a closed-loop system, it does not waste water.
  • Clean Cutting: When you use high-pressure water for cutting, the process does not generate grindings, chips, or excess. It is a dust-free cutting method, and no oils are required to get a clean cut, leaving your product free of debris.
  • Cost-Effective: One of the more significant advantages of waterjet cutting is the cost savings. When you have small batches or a small project, waterjets do not require custom tooling, which makes them more affordable for those short production runs.

Take Advantage of Noble Precision’s 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet for Precision Cutting

Waterjet cutting works for almost industry. Just some of the industries that have taken advantage of our waterjet and abrasive waterjet include aviation, aerospace, electronics, automotive, heavy equipment, mining, and transportation. The large work envelope and 94,000 psi (6,500 bar) pump of our waterjet machine, coupled with a precision 5 axis capability, provides a solution for complex, high quality applications.

To see if waterjet cutting by Noble Precision is right for you, contact our team for a no-obligation quote. You can reach a team member at 416-938-6455 or contact us online with your questions about our industrial waterjet cutting services.